Survivor Game

Each player selects SEVEN Survivors to play for them.  Once you have selected your Survivors, you are committed to them until they are eliminated.  If one of your players is voted off the island, you have the option to select a replacement player to bring your team roster back up to seven.  EACH replacement player will cost 3 points and will be deducted from your point total.

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Players will earn points each week for as long as they stay on the island.  Any Survivor still on the island will receive two points.  Any Survivor having their name written down but are NOT voted out will receive 1 point.  The Survivor voted off the island will receive 0 points.  Any Survivor who wins individual immunity during a competition will receive an additional 1 point, making their weekly value 3 points.

Hidden Immunity Idol rules:    We don’t know yet how the Hidden Immunity Idol will be played this season.  Assuming it goes as before, there are no points awarded to a Survivor for finding a hidden immunity idol.   Only the Survivor who plays the hidden idol at Tribal Council will be awarded.  They will receive an additional point making them worth three points.  No points will be awarded to the Survivor who has the idol but never plays the idol.  It is only worth a point if played at Council.  If the hidden immunity idol holder passes it off to someone else to play, only the Survivor gaining immunity with the idol will earn bonus points, as long as that player is on your team. The Survivor giving away the idol gets no points.

Points for the week will be posted the day after the Tribal Council.


Redemption Island / Exile Island rules:    A Survivor sent to redemption Island is considered out of the game, and therefore eliminated from your team.   If that player returns to the game, they will not rejoin your team, nor are they worth any additional points.

Weekly Immunity game

Players can earn up to SIX bonus points each week by correctly identifying which Survivor will be voted off the island (INCLUDING BEING SENT TO REDEMPTION ISLAND) at Tribal Council or which Survivor team will win immunity.  Initially players will pick the tribe getting immunity.  Once the game moves to individual immunity, you will select the Survivor you think will win the individual immunity necklace.  THREE bonus points are awarded for each correct pick.  Players DO NOT have to choose one of their own Survivors for the bonus game.


If a season has three Survivor teams, correctly picking the FIRST team to win immunity will earn you three points.  If you pick the second team to win immunity, you will receive two points.  When the game returns to individual immunity, normal scoring returns.


If a Survivor is medically evacuated, or quits the game, or leaves prior to a Tribal Council, they are of no point value.  If a player has picked the Survivor who has left the game as their “voted out” selection, no bonus points will be awarded since they were not voted out by the other Survivors.

Finale Prediction game

Players can earn up to TWENTY-FIVE bonus points AFTER the winner is declared.  Prior to the second broadcast on September 25th, players select SEVEN of the Survivors they think will make it to the Jury.  Two points will be awarded for each correct guess.  Next, players select the THREE Survivors they think will be the FINAL THREE at the final Tribal Council.  Two points will be awarded for each correct guess.  Finally, players select the Survivor they think will WIN the game.  FIVE points will be awarded for the correct guess.