Please take a couple of minutes to complete this short survey because I need your help in deciding what's next for 20 Minutes You'll Never Get Back. Thanks.

This survey is anonymous. You don't have to tell me who you are if you don't want to. I would never make you do something like that. However, if you want to you can include your FIRST name. I'll take it a step further... and this may be asking too much from you... if you want to tell me what state your in that would be great. I don't mean what state like "I'm sad" or "I'm thinking about tacos", I mean what state you live in.

So if you'd like fill in these first two things. If not, then continue on. I won't be upset.

Your name: (optional!)

Your state, or country if outside the US: (optional!)


Episode length What do you think about the length of each episode?

It's too long. I can't take more than 10 minutes of you
It's just right at 20 minutes
Go for it, make it longer.

Recording quality What do you think about the quality of the recording?

It's excellent. Don't do anything different.
It's good. Sometimes too low or too high volume.
It's okay. Invest in some better equipment.
It sucks. I've tolerated it for 100 episodes but not many more.

Program breaks I occasionaly include a break midway through the episode. What do you thing about those?

They're funny and I like the old commercials.
Eh. I can take 'em or leave 'em.
I say lose them.


For the first 100 episodes, a typical show was a couple of minutes of banter, then on to a topic (or two). I'm considering a slight change to the content. What do you think about these ideas?

Stupid news A few minutes each episode of stupid news stories culled from around the globe.

Sure, why not. Just make sure they're funny.
Um, this could be a bad idea, or a great one.
Nope. Bad idea. Who do you think you are, John Oliver?

Pop Quiz A few minutes each episode where I ask you a few general trivia questions and you see how you do.

Yea, I'm in. I like trivia challenges.
I'm on the fence. I guess it could be a little fun.
Oh hell no. I've already finished school and I don't need any test stress from you.

Two topics per show Instead of one topic for 20 minutes, I'm thinking maybe doing two topics 10 minutes each per show.

No, leave it one topic. I don't want to have to think about two things.
One or two. I don't care. 20 minutes is 20 minutes.
Yes. Please. Too much research on one topic. My head needs a break.


When I started this podcast, it was never my intention for it to be weekly. But that quickly changed and now you my dear friends await a new show every Friday.

While I really do enjoy making these podcasts, it has become kind of taxing on this old guy. Unlike some podcasters who have a staff of twenty to help produce the show, I have me. And my Executive Producer who keeps me from embarassing the family name. So to avoid complete burnout, I'm considering a change in the frequency of the show. What are your thoughts?

Every other week The first idea is to publish a show every other week, i.e. twice a month.

Every other week would be okay. I'll miss you on the off week.
Um, no. I say weekly. Suck it up Buttercup.

Once a month A new episode published once a month.

If that's what you need to do to keep publishing, then okay.
I think that may be pushing my long term interest. Time would tell.
I understand but I'd check out. It was fun while it lasted.

Losing interest If the show went to twice a month, what would your interest be in continuing to listen?

If it was twice a month I'd keep listening.
If it was twice a month I'd probably forget to listen every two weeks.
I'd probably forget, then remember and catch up on shows.
In all honesty, I'd probably give up. Too much other stuff out there.


This podcast always has been and always will be free to you. Never a subscription. However, it's not free for me. I'm not complaining, it's just a fact.
That being said, my question to you is if there were a link to a donation site (Paetreon, Buy Me A Coffee, etc) would you consider donating? This is not a request for money, it's just a survey question!

Donor support If a donation option were available, would you donate? (Don't fret about saying no if that's how you feel. This survey is anonymous!)

Yes, I would most likely donate to the podcast.
Um, thanks but I most likely wouldn't donate.


Here's you chance to give me you opinion about 20 Minutes You'll Never Get Back. Let me know what you think of the podcast. I promise not to cry. Check as many boxes as you think apply. I do have to charge you after 10.

Over the top
Easy listening
Hard to follow
Thought provoking
a complete waste of my 20 minutes. I want them back. All of them.


Here's you chance to give me any additional feedback you might have. Be kind, be brutal and be honest. I can take it. I have my therapist on standby.

20 Minutes You'll Never Get Back