Amazing Race Game Rules

Each player selects FOUR teams to run for them.  Once you have selected your teams, you are committed to them until they are eliminated.  If one of your teams is eliminated from the race, you have the option to select a replacement team to bring your team roster back up to three.  EACH replacement team will cost 5 points and will be deducted from your point total.

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Each player earns points based on the finish position of their racing teams.  A team coming in last and eliminated will still score points for that leg of the race.  Points at the beginning of the season are awarded as follows:





1st place

2nd place

3rd place

4th through last place





NOTE RULES CHANGE:  players will be awarded points for their teams' finish positions, even if the leg "continues" onto the next eposide.  For example, if the first racing team arrives at the pit stop mat, but Phile says the race is still going, that team will be worth 4 points for the episode, and so on thourgh the last team to arrive.

Weekly First place / Last place game

Each player can earn up to SIX bonus points each week by correctly identifying which team will reach the mat first, and which team will reach the mat last.  THREE bonus points are awarded for each correct pick.  Players DO NOT have to choose one of their teams for the bonus game.  Points are awarded for a last place finish, even if the leg is a non-elimination.

Finale Prediction game

Each player can earn up to TWENTY-SEVEN bonus points at the FINALE by correctly identifying the finish order of the teams.   Prior to the second broadcast, players select the FOUR teams they think will finish in 8th through 11th place, regardless of their actual finish order.    Next players select the FOUR teams they think will finish in 4th through 7th place, regardless of their actual finish order. The third selection are the THREE teams they think will finish in the FINAL THREE, regardless of their actual finish order.   A correct selection for each of these will earn the player 2 bonus points per correct selection.  

Finally, players pick the Amazing Race team they think will win the race. order they think each team will finish the race.   A correct selection of the winning team will earn the player 5 bonus points.  



When players reach the mat and see Phil, and Phil says the race is continuing, the Continuing Leg rule comes into effect.  Players can elect to change either their first place pick OR their last place pick.  Players may not change both.  Changing picks are completly optional, but must be done before the next episode begins.